autotest GLUTEN

autotest GLUTEN® is a serological test for the self-screening of coeliac disease. The test works on the principle of immunochromatography.

Using a drop of blood taken from the fingertip, autotest GLUTEN® 2nd generation detects the presence of IgA anti-transglutaminase antibodies.

autotest GLUTEN® is a screening test for coeliac disease that can be used in both children and adults..

Performance :
Sensitivity* : 95.7 %
Specificityé* : 97.1 %
Reliability** : 98 %

*Self transglutaminase-based rapid coeliac disease antibody detection by a lateral flow method by T. Raivio et al. The article is published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 2006, Issue 24, pages 147-154.
**L’étude de praticabilité de cet autotest par des personnes profanes a montré que plus de 98% des participants ayant manipulé cet autotest obtiennent un résultat interprétable.

Demonstration video

Instructions for use

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